Always NOAH'S

During the last devastating couple of years, I’ve suffered immensely, after having my soulmate ripped from my life by a madman. 
Now, finally I need to get my shit together. 
Meet Eden; a nanny I employ for the triplets. A local girl to whom I immediately offered the position.  She and I have a connection, as well as a physical attraction that just won't desist, no matter how many cold showers  I endure.  Her arrival at the farm also relieves my parents of their continued burden as they help me care for my cute kids, allowing them to follow their dreams and travel around Australia.
I blame the Birthday puppies, all three of them - one for each of the triplets. It’s their fault my house has been turned upside down. Mayhem is the norm now and life is pretty sweet. 
That is until my stupid brother has a paragliding accident and nearly cripples himself.  His recuperation at the farm means I have to return to the city and take over running the business while he recovers,  nursed back to health by my woman. 
Then all HELL breaks loose, when I suspect that she’s looking after him too well.
Can Logan and I recover our solid foundation?
I doubt it.
Forgiving  their betrayal isn’t easy, and trusting  a woman is harder. Is it possible, or will I end up alone with nothing but heartbreak, a fractured soul, memories, and my children?
 I’m determined to have my happily ever after with my blued eyed, blonde haired vixen. I’ve earned the right to be happy and loved, after what I’ve been through, and she makes me whole again.
Sometimes love is enough,  you just have to fight for it.
 So be it.
Bring it on.